Beyond Safety Compliance and into Safety Culture, Management Systems and Innovation. Beyond just Training Leadership and into Mentoring, Coaching and Driving Maximum Potential Personal Growth. Beyond talking about Mental Health, and into making a Mentally Healthy Workplace a Cornerstone of your Company’s Success and a Strategic Initiative for Growth.

We’re with you to take that Journey Beyond...

It’s said the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. I say it first begins with the understanding that you need to move from where you are, to go somewhere else. Let us help your journey, and be your guide along the way. Even by tripping over the threshold on your way out the door, you are still moving in a forward direction. Journey Beyond is set up to help you dust off your knees, be resilient, and take the next step.
— David Clarke

Our Programs and Specialty Streams

 Man with orange safety had working in construction


Helping you develop safety programs, while providing professional training & consulting.


Helping you look forward for solutions, not backwards at lost opportunities.

Mental Health & Wellness

Helping you work towards the goal of prevention of illness and injury, both physically and mentally.